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Distribution Income Planning

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Distribution Income Planning

You spend decades working hard to build your nest egg. During this time, you endure various challenges hampering your ability to save — buying a home, raising children, putting children through college, and developing your career. At the same time, you focus on Return on Investment (ROI) to maximize your retirement nest egg.

These are your accumulation years.

After decades of saving, it is often difficult to make the switch to spending – withdrawing funds from your accounts to fund retirement without putting anything back in. It can be psychologically and emotionally challenging to watch your account balance wither away, yet, many people persist in employing the same accumulation investing strategy that served them well in decades past.

The thing is that the financial strategies used in accumulation are not appropriate for decumulation. The mistake is that decumulation in retirement is laden with various risks and challenges that you simply don’t face in the accumulation stage.

You now need strategies to protect what has been saved and to maximize the income that your retirement savings can generate. Ideally, we want income that is certain & predictable.

As distribution specialists, we build plans that will endure as long as you endure. As such, you can retire with certainty and peace of mind.

Call us or make an appointment to see how we can bring peace of mind to your retirement.

Without a plan to address these threats to your retirement, you risk running out of money prematurely. Or, you may find yourself living a financially cautious life in retirement, constantly skimping on the necessities for fear of calamity, let alone living the retirement you dreamed of.

We believe Retirement Success is based on having income to live the lifestyle you desire with certainty it will continue. Therefore, we develop plans to address retirement risks so you can retire confidently.

We base our plans on current research conducted by academics and PhDs, such as Olivia Mitchel, Robert Merton, David Babbel, Bridget Madrian, Bill Sharpe, Wade Pfau, Michael Finke, Menahem Yaari, and Moshe Milevski.

Mountain showing distribution phase

Did you know more people have died descending Mt. Everest than climbing to the peak? The same is true of retirement. Many have accumulated a nice nest egg only to stumble and fall utilizing this nest egg in retirement.

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