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Tax Optimization

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Tax Optimization

Imagine spending a lifetime working hard and saving for your golden years, only to watch taxes slowly whittle away your hard-earned savings. Every dollar counts in retirement, and the last thing you want is to let taxes take away from the money you deserve to enjoy.

That’s why managing your taxes before and during retirement is so crucial! It’s not just about numbers and finances, it’s about making sure the fruits of your labor are protected and can be enjoyed to the fullest.

We do this by first evaluating your tax-free accounts like Roth and Health Savings Accounts and the tax impact of other tax-advantaged income streams, such as traditional IRAs, 401(K)s, pensions, and profit-sharing plans. Then we carefully choose the order in which to withdraw funds from your different accounts and carefully time the withdrawals to coincide with lower tax bracket years. You’ll have the peace of mind you deserve in retirement!

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