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Founder of Creative Financial Services, Introduces New Virtual Webinars to Educate Soon-to-be Retirees

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  • Founder of Creative Financial Services, Introduces New Virtual Webinars to Educate Soon-to-be Retirees

Diane Goldman, founder of Creative Financial Services, has introduced new virtual webinars to educate soon-to-be retirees and adequately prepare them for retirement. The virtual webinars cover crucial topics, including Social Security claiming strategies, Medicare planning, and risks in retirement and how to address them. These webinars are currently available for the CPAacademy via their online portal at cpaacademy.org and to the general public by invitation through Diane’s marketing arm.

Diane strongly believes that although many entering retirement think they are prepared, most have not considered all the issues and risks they will confront over the average 25-30 years of retirement. Risks such as longevity risk, sequence of return risk, mortality risk and healthcare risk are not totally understood. Assets and strategies that are appropriate during the accumulation phase are not necessarily the most appropriate for retirement. When these risks are not addressed, retirement income plans are often doomed to failure. Further, many individuals and couples don’t know how to create their retirement budgets and retirement income plans. To change this narrative, Diane, with her team has decided to introduce these financial webinars to help pre-retirees create sustainable action plans geared towards having a successful, secure retirement. She believes that with her planning strategies, soon-to-be retirees will be better equipped to live the lifestyle they envision.

As a CPA driven by her passion for helping others, Diane dedicated a substantial part of her career to partnering with business owners to grow their business, budget, forecast, and prepare their exit strategy. When she took control of her family’s manufacturing business, she continued her system of growing the business, budgeting and cash flow management and exited via a successful strategic sale. Upon the sale of her company, she began using her natural accounting skills to pursue her passion of retirement financial planning and helping others.

Diane has been sharing social security optimization and retirement income distribution
strategies for over 15 years as an Independent Consultant with her company Creative Financial Services, helping clients become fully aware of the wealth building strategies available to secure and protect their retirement future and to live the retirement lifestyle they desire. She is also recognized for her top-tier course at CPAacademy titled, ‘Maximizing Social Security as a Foundation for Retirement Income Planning.’ “Most couples do not plan to fail in retirement; they fail to plan for retirement. “Every client walks away with a written retirement strategic plan, a “roadmap for retirement”. The plan addresses each client’s specific lifestyle goals with strategies designed for predictable outcomes. Plans are re-visited at least annually or more frequently if desired or necessary. There is no out-of- pocket cost for her services as Diane strongly believes that the roadmap unveils the holes is one’s plan. The holes are filled by repositioning assets with no direct cost to the prospect/client.

The benefits of the strategies are clearly visible in the strategic plan. “Our clients are raving fans and refer their friends and colleagues”.

For more information, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianegoldman/


  • Diane Goldman

    Diane graduated summa cum laude from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and passing of the CPA exam. A former collegiate tennis player, Diane gave up the rackets for the sticks and now enjoys golf, pickleball & other outdoor activities.

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